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HVAC 101 From the Experts at Goodman

Heating and air conditioning a building is a weird science. It’s the science of moving heat, invisible energy that effects everyone differently. This video will help you understand the basics of HVAC.

Repair or Replace? That is the question.

The choice to repair or replace your HVAC system is certainly a difficult one but perhaps this video can help lead you to making an informed decision.

Two Stages of HVAC and Why It's Beneficial

Two stages of cooling and heating are great upgrades for your home. It allows for a more constant comfort with lower energy costs. Watch this video to get a better idea why this is a great option to consider when purchasing a new system.

Why Preventative Maintenance Is a Necessity

You wouldn’t drive your car forever with out an oil change, would you? Your HVAC system is usually the most expensive appliance you’ll ever purchase. It’s important to maintain so it works properly, doesn’t break down, and lasts as long as possible getting your money’s worth of your investment. Watch this video to learn more.

The Heat Exchanger of a Furnace

SEER, AFUE, EER: HVAC Ratings Explained

There’s a lot of acronyms in HVAC (See!) and they can be confusing but they do a great job explaining it in this video from our friends at Goodman.

How a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Mini Split Heat Pump works

The good people at Georgia Power produced a great video explaining how the VRF Mini Splits work. These systems can be complicated and confusing for some people but this video explains it very well. Enjoy.

The Ultravation Advantage UV light kit solution.

The Ultravation Advantage UV light kit solution.

“Excellent service! Great prices!! We will use them for all our HVAC needs.”

Laura Robison Steiner - April 29, 2017

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